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Your Outdoor Lighting Specialists in Melbourne

For uniquely tailored garden, property and landscape lighting solutions.

We customise, design, supply and install premium mains and low wattage lighting for outdoor lighting:

  • Entertainment Areas
  • Decking
  • Pools
  • Driveways
  • Common Areas
  • Featured and Seasonal Displays, and
  • Security and Decoration Purposes.

Architectural or the simplest of designs can highlight aspects of your residential home, garden, commercial property investment, or Corporate buildings and grounds.

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At Landscape Lighting Melbourne, we excel at providing concept outdoor lighting to increase safety and security in walkways, illuminate entry and exit points, and to highlight the natural beauty of your home, garden, driveway, grounds or business environment – all at the same time.

DESIGN – Specifically tailored to enhance the look and feel of your property, entertainment areas, driveways and outdoor landscape features.

SUPPLY – Superior quality fixtures and fittings to align with your budget and needs. Choose from our range of energy-efficient LED and mains power options, or talk to us about other potential and customised outdoor lighting solutions.

INSTALLATION – By Fully Qualified Electrical Professionals who will also provide professional advice and expertise whilst ensuring your outdoor landscape lights come to life in all the right ways.

CONSULTANCY – To Architects, Property Owners and Owners Corporation Available – Fee for service required, however this is redeemable if Landscape Lighting Melbourne is engaged to perform the actual works. Conditions apply.

ALL PROPERTY TYPES – Corporate Buildings, Commercial Business Zones, General and High-end Residential Homes, Parks and Gardens, Pavilions, Schools, Churches, Wineries and Hospitals.

Phone: 1300 12 19 18


About Us

Landscape Lighting Melbourne, under the direction of highly-experienced Electrician, Simon Dixon, brings gardens and feature focal points in your landscape to life, with lighting solutions that add mood, vibrance and vision. Simon and his team of qualified professionals design, supply and install innovative garden lights that transform entertainment areas, open spaces, characteristic trees and architectural buildings, to both add security and highlight the visual appeal of the property.

With over 15 years of experience, you’ll find Landscape Lighting Melbourne has the ability to take an otherwise ordinary environment and make it extraordinary – long after the sun has set.

Distinctively positioned lights will bring your space to life enhancing the natural beauty of your residential home, your corporate office or commercial investment, whilst creating an inspiring and impressive display that will add value to your home or outdoor living areas for year-round enjoyment.

Light-up Your Landscape

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Due to the COVID 19 Social Isolation rules the Landscape Lighting Melbourne showrooms are closed for viewing. We are now providing remote consultations via video chat or phone to discuss your requirements.

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